landscaping products

If we do not have the bulk landscaping supplies you need in stock, then reach out to the team and we will see what we can do!

Gap 40

Gap 40 metal is mainly used as a base under metal driveways, under paving or as a base layer under concrete.

Gap 20

Gap 20 is a general all passing base aggregate. It is most commonly used for pathways, driveways or as a base course for paving & concrete. When compacted Gap 20 binds together very well.

Gap 7

Gap 7 is a fine metal used as a compacted base under pavers or as a base layer before laying concrete. Generally laid on top of Gap 20.

Garden Mix

Garden mix is a fantastic product to have in your veggie garden. A mix that you can plant straight into and get started. Our garden mix is mainly comprised of compost, bark fines, and pumice.


Auckland topsoil screened twice is the perfect product to be backfilling any holes in your yard or just topping areas up.

Lawn Mix

This is an aged compost perfect for adding to your garden for extra nutrients.

Forest Floor

Forest floor is the most common mulch to be used. It can be applied to gardens, paths and sloping areas. Works well to suppress weeds and retain moisture for your plants.

Bark 5

Bark No.5 is a larger sized bark chip of untreated NZ pine. Its range is between 25-50mm. Great if you like the bigger look on top of your garden. Spreads easily.

Bark 4

Bark No.4 us a medium sized bark that ranges between 15-25mm nuggets of untreated NZ pine bark. Most commonly used in playgrounds can be used to border paths as a low maintenance area.

Black Mulch

Black Mulch is a premium bark that is derived from recycled untreated wood. The woodchip is dyed using a non-toxic dye. Fantastic finishing looks to your garden.

Scoria 25/7

25/7 Scoria is a fantastic drainage product most commonly used for behind retaining walls or anywhere else where you want to backfill a project and ensure that there is good drainage.

East Coast Sand

East coast sand is a very fine sand, most commonly used for residential sandpits and also ideal for mortar mixing. It has a general top particle of 0.6mm and a bottom particle size of 0.075mm.


At Furrows we also have a supply of 450 x 450 pavers perfect for pathways around your veggie garden!

Landscape supplies delivered right to your door!

Whether you have a major landscaping project underway, or bulk landscaping supplies for a construction site or even just doing a good old-fashioned driveway, entrance or garden clean up, we can sort you out on the best products. At Furrows, we have a wide range of the highest quality landscaping supplies at our yard in Dairy Flat.